Saudi Arabia – Compulsory Pricing Labelling Rules. Consumer Protection or Just Another Margin Squeezer?

Greetings to all. A story in the Arab News caught our eye at IMES Research this morning and I did some digging – here’s my take. The story was on the issue of compulsory price labelling. In a nutshell, the Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MCI) has gone on the offensive from 11 April 2013 onwards to enforce the Commercial Data Law, which apparently stipulates that all trading facilities, of whatever type or level, must display … Read More

adminSaudi Arabia – Compulsory Pricing Labelling Rules. Consumer Protection or Just Another Margin Squeezer?

Tetra Pak – Launch News After All!

Dear all The one time I’ve decided to move away from discussing general market trends, and to talking about individual companies instead, I promptly got myself into trouble…. It seems I was caught sleeping on the job , and have missed some vital updates on the Tetra Pak front at Gulfood 2013. So please find below some details of systems updates that I should have apprised you of in the previous blogpost. Now that I’ve been … Read More

adminTetra Pak – Launch News After All!

Gulfood 2013 – Here’s What Caught My Eye….

Dear all Another year of Gulfood is over, and as ever it was bigger and better than the previous one. After the vagaries of the Processing & Packaging Conference I was back in more familiar territory, roaming the halls to see what’s new and what’s hot. Our 2012 beverage and dairy reports are published, but we need to keep our eyes open for 2013 introductions of course. So here are just a few notes on … Read More

adminGulfood 2013 – Here’s What Caught My Eye….

2013 Started – And Confusion Reigns…..

A very Happy and Prosperous New Year to all of you. After all the hype it’s good to know that 21st December 2012 has come and gone, and we’re still around to tell the tale. And there are plenty of tales to tell in the dairy and beverage business…..  Let me start with some recent acquisition news. National Food Products Company, or NFPC, sometimes better known as Lacnor and/or Milco here in the UAE, have … Read More

admin2013 Started – And Confusion Reigns…..

What to do about Iran..

Dear all The political situation with Iran is of course a concern to all of us here in the region. Daily news are frankly becoming somewhat disconcerting, and yesterday’s sabre-rattling about the Strait of Hormuz certainly did not help alleviate my fears. But even with all this political grandstanding and sabre-rattling, it is my assessment that the economic sanctions on Iran are now really starting to bite, and neither the dairy nor beverage industries are … Read More

adminWhat to do about Iran..