what-we-doManSci’s People & Culture division specialises in organisational culture and human performance consultancy, operating across the Middle East. We have partnered with global thought leaders to deliver innovative, customised, high-impact engagements to regional clients who are serious about measuring and improving organisational health, performance and results. Our core areas of expertise are:


Culture Transformation which centres around three key principles:

1. Culture is the new frontier of Competitive Advantage

2. Measurement Matters

3. Culture is the primary responsibility of the Leaders… Read More


Leadership Development which is underpinned by three principles:

1. Leadership is about shaping vision, mission and strategy and creating and sustaining movement throughout the organisation towards successful execution

2. Leadership is a contact sport – the interactions leaders have with each other, employees and other stakeholders (customers, investors, society) are critical to an organisations success

3. The ability to perform leadership under pressure is increasingly the difference that makes
the difference. Most leaders have great strengths and talents, most also have derailers that undermine their personal and organisational aspirations… Read More


Sales Enablement which is based on the belief that it takes more than just a training event to sustainably change behaviours, yet companies still struggle to protect their investment in their people. We specialise in changing the way salespeople and sales managers think, feel and act – helping them understand how customers reach a decision to buy and what they can do to influence this processRead More


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