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Our approach to Culture Transformation centres around three key principles:

1. Culture is the new frontier of Competitive Advantage

Increasingly leaders and organisations are discovering that culture is the key differentiator of performance


2. Measurement Matters

Measuring values and culture and capturing the current state and the evolution has traditionally been difficult to measure


3. Culture is the primary responsibility of the Leaders

Organisations don’t transform, people do, and genuine organizational culture transformation begins with the transformation of the leaders


The culture of your organisation is either your biggest asset or your biggest liability. Who you are and what you stand for has become the most significant differentiator of performance.


Your organisation’s culture is a liability when it our-partners-logosdisplays high levels of cultural entropy: when limiting behaviours such as blame, bureaucracy, internal competition and manipulation inhibit the smooth functioning of the organisation. The importance of values and culture is increasingly clear, however measuring values and culture and capturing the current state and the evolution has traditionally been difficult to measure and, therefore, have not been included as part of the business manager’s scorecard or the dashboard of key performance indicators.


Using innovative, practical and powerful Cultural Transformation Tools® (CTT) we work with clients to measure people, teams and organisations, to more clearly, accurately and objectively understand values, culture, consciousness and motivation, creating harmony in work places, enabling success in organisations.


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