our-practicesOur approach to Leadership Development is underpinned by three principles:
1. Leadership is about shaping vision, mission and strategy and creating and sustaining movement throughout the organisation towards successful execution

2. Leadership is a contact sport – the interactions leaders have with each other, employees and other stakeholders (customers, investors, society) are critical to an organisations success

3. The ability to perform leadership under pressure is increasingly the difference that makes the difference. Most leaders have great strengths and talents, most also have derailers that undermine their personal and organisational aspirations


At ManSci we work with successful leaders from strategy to execution, helping them and their organisations be even more successful, on purpose…

Our comprehensive services include:

Leadership & Talent Assessment

our-practicesEach client is unique and so there is no single best tool for all clients. We use a range of proven tools from global thought leaders to assess a range of leadership and talent dimensions, such as values, behaviours, competencies and intellect.


Leadership & Talent Development

Our leadership and talent development approach is built around Gazing Performance International’s unique ‘Inside Leadership’ platform – a process that uses specialist leadership maps and tools to help leaders move from strategy to execution through development around 3 leadership cogs: Task, Group & Self. This also provides a common leadership platform, language and tool-kit for leaders across the organisation.


Executive Coaching

Our coaching approach is built around Marshall Goldsmith’s ‘Stakeholder Centred Coaching’ (SCC) framework, through which we can guarantee measurable leadership growth for our clients. We also have a wealth of other powerful and practical tools to apply within SCC framework, depending on if the focus is ‘behavioural’ or deeper ‘transformational’.


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