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ManSci Research has long provided the industry standard for dairy and beverage information in the region. With roots that stretch back more than 30 years, each of our reports brings you the accumulated knowledge of our understanding. We pride ourselves on our approach to bringing you the most accurate information from the market:

  • All of our consultants are dairy and beverage specialists, with an average of almost 15 years’ experience
  • Each of our reports is completely updated every year
  • All of our primary research is conducted through face to face meetings in the market
  • Our main source of information is brand owners, manufacturers and importers who supply the market
  • All of our data is cross checked through meetings with ingredient suppliers, packaging companies, distributors, those in the retail trade and other industry professionals
  • You can personally discuss any queries you might have with our specialists, whose depth of market knowledge goes far beyond what can be covered in a report

Contact us today for further details on how our research can help you Unlock Potential in your organisation.

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